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Welcome to Knowledge Centre! Here we give you additional background information to help build you understanding of the various areas of advice that may be pertinent to your needs, should you need financial service and in particular, mortgage and other borrowing advice.

This information is designed to improve your general knowledge about these areas of advice. However, Frog Financial Management always recommend you contact us to arrange, a no-obligation, face-to-face meeting with our adviser.

Any questions you may have can be fully discussed and advice provided.


Our range of Processing and Administration fees, payable should you ask us to arrange your mortgage, payable on application, are £395.00 for arranging a Residential or Buy-to-let mortgage, £595.00 for arranging a ‘Limited Company’ buy-to-let mortgage or £595.00 for arranging a Portfolio Landlord buy-to-let mortgage. A ‘Portfolio Landlord’ is defined as client(s) having four or more buy-to-let properties (mortgaged or mortgage free), on completion of this mortgage transaction. If your mortgage does not go ahead, you will receive a refund of 50% of the fee payable if your application falls through.

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Refers to services provided by the financial services industry. Financial services encompass a broad range of organisations that deal with the management of money. Among these organisations are banks, building societies, credit card companies, insurances companies, consumer finance companies, etc.

Financial services is an all-encompassing phrase for any kind money management product, all have a unique end provision. It is important to get appropriate mortgage and insurance advice.

When you are shopping around for financial services products, it’s important to know whose offering what and what financial services will suit your needs. Therefore, you may need to consult an adviser who works in the financial services industry.

You can gather financial services information yourself (available from advertisements or online), or get financial services advice from an adviser.

When you collect financial services information this way it will be ‘off the shelf’ and it won’t be personalised – so your individual circumstances are not considered.

Financial services businesses will provide professional advice using an adviser who reviews your personal circumstances and then recommends financial services products, which are suitable for your needs. Businesses that offer financial services on certain products in the UK must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Alternatively, they can be an appointed representative(s) of a regulated business. Regulated businesses and their appointed representative(s) are included on the Financial Conduct Authority Register and have to meet a range of professional standards.

The Financial Conduct Authority sets standards for how businesses should give you financial services advice for products including:
• Life, critical illness and family income protection assurance.
• General Insurances; such as buildings and contents.
• Mortgages and remortgages.
• Investments; such as personal pensions.

You don’t have to see an adviser when you’re buying financial services products, but if you don’t you may choose something that’s not suitable for your needs and you’ll have fewer grounds to make a complaint.

You may decide you want financial services advice if for example, you:
• Are considering protecting your family in the event of accident, sickness or death.
• You inherit a lump sum of money.*
• Are looking to purchase your first