Your personal credit rating will have an impact on loan decisions taken by the lenders, so it makes sense to keep on top of it.

The role of a credit score is to try to predict your future behaviour, which means that people who have a poor score may suffer, as can those who have no credit history at all!  Each time you apply for credit, this might be recorded on the files held by the credit reference agencies:

Experian – Tel: 0800 013 88 88 –
Equifax – Tel: 0800 014 2955 –
Callcredit – Tel: 0330 024 7574 –

As every lender has its own ‘perfect customer’ profile, a rejection from one isn’t necessarily a rejection from all.  By talking to us we’ll have a better feel for items which may score you down and where you might get a more favourable response for credit.  We should also be able to limit the number of applications made – since too many could result in a lower score.