Can your boiler withstand the cold weather?

With the way the weather has been in the last month, what happens if your boiler breaks down…when you need it the most?

There are a ton of reasons why you should be considering home insurance, and your boiler is one of them. If your boiler broke down, would your current insurance cover maintenance?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Would my current insurance cover a plumbing emergency?

If your pipes burst due to cold winter freezes, you could have issues like leakages, blocked drains and more causing major headaches for you to sort.

Would my current insurance cover security emergencies?

Your home is your sanctuary, so what happens if there is a break in or someone vandalises it? The last thing you want to think about is the security of your home being compromised.

Would my current insurance cover storm damage?

Due to strong winds some of your tiles have been blown off your roof, causing water to seep through until a permanent repair can be made.

To learn more about what your current insurance offers, or to look into new insurance, arrange a chat with our team.