Life happens

Let’s be honest, life is frequently changing, especially this year, and so it’s advisable to review your life insurance coverage on a semi-regular basis.

It may be the case that years have passed and nothing has changes, however, it’s still worth being sure!

Planning ahead

Did you know that you will need to reassess your life insurance needs due to these events:

  • Buying your first home or moving to a different property;
  • Getting married;
  • The birth of a child or grandchild;
  • Changing jobs;

Your children

If you have children, you may think that your current plan is enough to cover current childcare costs, but it’s also worth considering future costs that may be incurred such as university tuition fees or even learning to drive.


Covering large debts, your mortgage for example, is important to consider so your family doesn’t have to face this financial burden.

Next steps

If you aren’t sure whether your life insurance policy is still suitable for your family’s needs then why not arrange a chat with our team. This way you can discuss any changes to your circumstances and enable you to work out just how much coverage you need.

Don’t have life insurance at all? Then perhaps now is a good a time as any to review whether it’s an essential requirement or not?