Ensuring your children don’t go without after you die

Nobody likes to think about death, and even fewer of us like to talk about it, but your plans for your loved ones should the worst happen can be a simple solve.

Many of us believe that when we die, our estate, savings and belongings will automatically pass to our nearest and dearest, but this isn’t always the case, especially if you’ve been divorced and re-married.

Sideways disinheritance 
Often we choose for our wills to stipulate all of our worldly goods simply pass to our spouse, but what if after our death they re-marry? Their wills may stipulate the same, that anything they have will pass to their spouse. This move can accidentally cut your own children out.

An increase in blended families means this occurrence is on the rise, but the simple rectification: ensure you create a new will if you re-marry.

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