Ideally, the only person you want coming down your chimney this Christmas would be Santa, but according to research over a third (38%) of UK adults have been a victim of neighbourhood crime, with two fifths (41%) having had their homes broken into.*

No matter what time of year, when burglary happens it’s an extremely stressful and upsetting experience. Which is why we were surprised to learn that 6 million homes in the UK don’t have any form of home insurance despite the average home having contents worth around £35,000! This means that around 1 in 4 properties are uninsured.**

Whether your home has been broken into, or the UK’s unpredictable weather has meant your home may be flooded, there may be a time that you need to claim on your insurance, so it’s important to ensure you aren’t one of the many in the UK left without protection should the worst happen.