5 Nifty Ways to boost your income online

We’ve all heard of “side hustles” as a way to boost income. From crafting and selling your creations or filling out online surveys in return for vouchers or cash payments, many of us are looking at ways we can boost our incomes in a world of increased costs. Though none of these alone will have you raking it in, if you have spare time and an interest in generating some spare cash, we’d encourage you to take a look.

Note: never pay to join, and do set up a dedicated email address for these activities.

We’ve put together 5 quick ideas for helping boost your income using a decent internet connection and a phone or laptop.

  • Watching videos and playing games online:
    • This is quite a fun way to start earning money from the comfort of your home. Sign up to swagbucks and start earning for every video watched or game played.
  • Complete online surveys:
    • If you’ve got an opinion, chances are there are companies who’d love to hear it! Sign up for something like i-Say and enjoy the return for your thoughts.
  • Enter a few contests and competitions:
    • Obviously remain cautious on how much you spend to enter =, and aim for free ones where possible, but competitions to win cash prizes or holidays are not to be sniffed at. If you’re serious about this new hobby, check out a few tips
  • Market research via your phone:
    • BeMyEye is an exciting way to earn money on the go via an app. Tasks include talking to shop managers, browsing stores and even just taking quick photos.
  • Take great camera shots
    • If you’re feeling pretty good about how your photos turn out on your phone , you could earn money by selling your snaps to stock image companies.