Save money on toys this Christmas

Our children and grandchildren inevitably receive toys for their Christmas presents be it from Father Christmas, Granny and Grandad or other loved ones, and we know the costs can soon mount up.

Check out these handy tips for saving money this year:

·        1. Shop around!
Many shops charge varying prices, utilise online facilities such as Google Shopping, (type the product name into the search bar and click “shopping” option, to list many retailers stocking the item with the prices too.)

Even cheaper shops that do not have an online presence are worth having a look through, as many stock branded toys and items that would make great gifts and outdo many bigger retailers on cost savings.

·        2. Spot the sales
Many retailers will be rolling out toy sales at the moment, keep an eye especially on supermarkets. Also the famed Black Friday sales in November often have a large array of sought after items at discounted prices

·        3. Use your retail vouchers and points
Clubcard’s, loyalty schemes and even older (but still in date) gift cards, can help reduce the cash expenses.

·        4. Shop second hand
Children often won’t notice if a toy is brand new or second hand, so consider looking on Facebook marketplace, car boot sales or in local charity shops as another means to keep the costs low.