Insurance: Luxury or necessity?

“Insurance” wears many faces, from pet insurance to mortgage protection, but how necessary is it to insure our valuables and essentials?

Some may view insurances as luxury expenses, to add only if you have enough disposable income to play with, but what if the worst should happen?

According to the Association of British Insurers* (ABI) throughout 2020 an average of £550,000 per day was paid in life insurance claims from the Covid pandemic, an event we never saw coming. It’s not to say we’ll face global pandemics routinely, but that we should prepare to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our assets should the worst happen.

Covid has also seen the uses of Income Protection policies come to fruition, one case saw the results of long-Covid meaning extended time out of work for an individual, he was able to protect his regular income and is now in  a phased return to work.

And insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Insuring your income, your mortgage in the case of death and so much more, can be equated to a takeaway or two a month, it certainly doesn’t have to see you dramatically out of pocket to ensure what you value most, and what may protect your loved ones, is secured.