Since lockdown commenced back in March, we have been keeping up to date with our lenders on a regular basis, and ensuring that you know what options are available for you when it comes to protection products and mortgages.

Modern life is busy and it’s no surprise that ‘non-essential’ financial reviews are overlooked under normal circumstances.

But we’re not in normal circumstances

Covid-19 has changed everything. No matter how robust your finances appear, they could now be vulnerable.

With as many 11.7 million people expected to be furloughed or unemployed in the recent and coming months, according to the Resolution Foundation, a lot of people have both unexpected time on their hands, and financial concerns.

That’s why we’re being proactive and maximising the opportunity to help you manage your finances through what we’re referring to as a financial MOT.

Mortgages and remortgages

If you’re considering extending a payment holiday, or perhaps your circumstances have changed in a way that could affect your remortgage eligibility, for example if you are self-employed or you have been furloughed, then maybe we could chat to see how we can help and what options are right for you.

Perhaps you’ve not been financially impacted by coronavirus and simply want to look at remortgage options but are unaware that high LTV mortgages are more limited.

You can rely on our experience and market knowledge to help you navigate the new landscape.


If you’re struggling with your finances, why don’t we work together to create you a bespoke budget for your circumstances?

Alternatively did you know that, if you have seen a large reduction in income, you might now be eligible for state benefits you’re not aware of?

Protection products

Are you worried about meeting your insurance premiums if you have seen your income drop?

The FCA has now published guidance that providers should offer three-month premium deferrals to policyholders in financial distress due to Covid-19. We are happy to guide you through your options and explain your current policy to help keep your mind at ease.

In the case you do not have insurance in place for your needs, including income protection or critical illness, why not arrange a chat with our team?

More than ever before it is critical that you find yourself working with experts that have their fingers on the pulse of an ever-changing market, and as always we are here to help you navigate your options and the changes made.