The following are two key considerations that can work alongside your Will.

Trust Planning

A Trust is a legal arrangement that can help ensure that life policies, for example, are paid out speedily to the beneficiaries.  This would mean that there’s one less issue to worry about at a difficult time for the family.

A Trust can also be used to protect beneficiaries who might be too young to handle their affairs.

Consider the children

If a Guardianship arrangement is not in place to protect young children – and both parents were to sadly die at the same time – then the children may have to go into care!

The simplest way to protect against this is through a Will, or by having a Guardianship letter in place, both of which will set out your wishes, and whom you want to appoint as a guardian. 

Similar issues may occur if a couple aren’t married, where the mother dies and she hasn’t previously granted parental rights.

Not all protection policies should be written in Trust, so do take advice.

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